21st U.S. Army Ranger RGT "Only the finest"
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A relaxed realism experience for ArmA 3. A large number of active players, daily operations, stable dedicated servers, what's not to like? The 21st U.S. Army Ranger RGT is an active ArmA 3 unit with a goal to provide players with the most realistic combat experience possible while maintaining a mature, calm, friendly, and relaxed gaming environment. Do you have what it takes? Enlist
Why Join?
Consistent Operation Schedule
Mon-Sat: 6:30pm PST Sun: 3:00pm PST Duration of operations depends on the given objectives, average is between 90 and 120 minutes The 21st organizes operations every single night. No other ArmA unit in existence can boast that they knock out seven operations in a week. While none of our events are mandatory by any means, we still manage to pull an average of 40-70 players a night for our smaller operations. The only time operations are not actively held occurs when the servers are down due to technical problems (which hardly ever happens), or when training/drills take the place of an operation. Members can rest assured that if they are online, something is happening with the 21st.
The 21st Ranger RGT has always maintained an aspect of brotherhood and respect throughout our player base. We pride ourselves in maintaining a mature, friendly, and helpful environment that is happy to welcome newcomers to our ranks. We place a heavy emphasis on the individual player and uphold a strong sense of community.
Equal Opportunity
Members are always offered equal opportunity to progress in rank and responsibility. Any dedicated member can work through our NCO training programs and find themselves in important fireteam roles. We welcome new leaders and realize that you cannot recruit an NCO off the streets, you have to build the NCO. It has always been said that what you get out of this unit is dependent upon what you put in. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy
As real as it gets
From HALO drops, fastrope insertions, IED sweeps, overhead aerial dogfights, convoys, beach landings, recon missions, presence patrols, village/city clearances, high-speed compound raids, hostage rescue operations, HVT elimination, sabotage objectives, rooftop landings, and down right EPIC firefights, the 21st U.S. Army Ranger RGT delivers a gaming experience like no other.
Understanding Officers
Here in the 21st, we realize that real life takes priority over gaming. Members are not expected to place the unit’s needs above their own. We hold absolutely no mandatory events. Our command staff does an outstanding job tracking member’s LoA (Leave of Absence) forms, and never ask our members to maintain a ridiculous schedule. Furthermore, chat is constantly monitored, forums are moderated, and all problems are resolved quickly by our admin staff in order to keep drama to an absolute minimum. We have no problem whatsoever in banning individuals who cause problems for other players.
Established Infrastructure
The 21st Ranger RGT was founded in 2010. The core of the unit is comprised of seasoned ArmA veterans who have witnessed the game develop from the very beginning.
Relaxed Realism
Relaxed realism is a term that we apply openly. Military simulation doesn’t have to come with drill sergeant screaming, virtual pushups, power trips, hot-headed rage types, or similar "experiences”. A calm and composed atmosphere is maintained at all times. Members come here to have fun at the end of the day, and we are determined to maintain a clean environment.
Solid Platoons
The 21st Ranger RGT is currently comprised of three platoons, a command cell, and an air squadron. We do not overload missions with hundreds of players on a single objective, or a series of small objectives. Platoons are typically assigned individual tasks that simultaneously assist each other complete the overall mission. Rangers are extremely efficient in the use of small unit tactics, and although having an extremely large player base, we do not lose sight of this important combat element. Missions are never planned for achieving the most kills, but rather accomplishing the objectives with the least risk of failure. The Call of Duty gaming style is virtually nonexistent here. We do things the way they should be done.
Always Open Doors
This unit is open to anyone wanting a laid back, realistic style of gameplay. Assuming the individual meets our requirements (age limit of 17+) and other specifications mentioned in the application, we have no problem accepting them. There is absolutely no wait period for attending operations, and new players are encouraged to hop in as soon as possible to get a feel for the amazing unit they just joined. The average wait time before a new recruit is actively playing with 21st members is 4 hours.
Missions Are Custom
Missions are created completely from scratch almost daily, to ensure our members are constantly experiencing new content rather than replaying old objectives. Operations are hand-scripted to ensure the most realistic combat scenarios possible allowed within the ArmA game engine. AI is actually coded to be smart, and respond in realistic ways. (No more running around in circles). Users are also encouraged to suggest mission ideas and storylines in our forums. You suggest the missions and our map developers make it a reality.
Dedicated Server Resources and Team Speak
Our multiple, stable dedicated servers are online 24/7 to allow members to play and practice at will. Our high quality servers reduce lag, increase FPS, and experience minimal downtime. We host all of our servers on their own racks (no virtual servers). We want our members to have the best of the best available on the consumer market. Our TS3 server is available 24/7 for members to gather and chat. This also allows easy access for the TFR radio mod.
Training Provided
Training is half the experience that ArmA can deliver - if done right. Although training is to be taken very seriously, that does not hinder us in making it enjoyable for everyone involved. We maintain an extremely realistic training program that our soldiers are pushed through in order to ensure that they are as combat effective as possible. When a new player joins the unit, the first step is RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program). RASP is the only required training course for all users to complete. If additional training is wanted on the member’s part, we offer more advanced training programs. We are proud to state that we are the only ArmA clan that offers a full 6 hour Ranger School course, which when completed, the user earns their actual Ranger Tab. Ever imagined getting FO certified by a real-world FO instructor? How about learning advanced land navigation from a scout? Airborne training from a Jump Master? All is possible within this amazing unit. We take real-world experience and apply it in Arma. We boast an outstanding group of active and former military personnel who have worked endlessly to structure our training courses as close to their real-life counterparts as possible within the game parameters. In addition, when a member rises through the ranks and joins the NCO core, we offer the full-fledged WLC (Warrior Leadership Course), which teaches the fundamentals of battlefield leadership. Further courses are also offered for marksmanship, RTO (Radio Telephone Operator), explosives, AT/AA, FO, JFO, SAPPER, and Recon. Should a member wish to join our airteam, they would be cycled through our extremely organized flight school.